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According to AIC (Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Informatization & Communication) for 2007, a leading position in the market within the country took the Direct Delivery company with 35 % of market share.
Staff / Team /

Company officer is “body” and “heart” of the Company.

Company officer is a professional, clever, well-experienced, reliable, efficient, flexible, responsive person. He is the person who keeps and increases business activity of the clients, relies on his knowledge and has comprehensive approach to inquiries of the client and who can implement these inquiries quickly.

Big opportunities are available for the staff in the company. They are the following: professional and career growth, special fringe benefits as bonuses, perks, social packages: working conditions and level of wages can be re-examined.

Our staff is our Future!
Company management is proud of its officers who work for Company’s welfare and prosperity!!!


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