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According to AIC (Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Informatization & Communication) for 2007, a leading position in the market within the country took the Direct Delivery company with 35 % of market share.
Prohibited articles for transportation / Documentation /
  • all types of firearms and ammunitions to them, all types of cold arms, military equipment;
  • drugs, psychotropic, radioactive, explosive, poisonous, highly inflammable and other dangerous substances;
  • foreign and Kazakhstan currencies, other currencies and valuables;
  • bonds, lottery tickets, cancelled securities;
  • printed and audio-video materials, other picture products which can trespass national interest and human rights;
  • stone and precious raw materials, minerals, rocks, soil, paleontologic models, in the rough or treated gemstones;
  • precious metals in different states, natural precious metals in the rough or treated, pearls;
  • representatives of flora and fauna;
  • undeveloped photosensitive materials;
  • cultural valuables including stamps and other philatelic materials, products of press which are created more than 100 years ago;
  • visual, decorative, applied and folk arts, instruments, products of press, postages, and other philatelic materials;
  • stamps and other philatelic materials;
  • not catalogued philatelic materials (printed projects, artists’ originals, trials, samples, rare varieties, etc.) as archive records which is valuable in creating one or another philatelic materials;
  • modern souvenirs, mass produced or full-scale production cultural articles;
  • it is not allowed to forward obscene articles in letter mail deliveries;
  • different types of documents (Kazakhstan and international passports, air tickets, identity cards, work record cards, military certificates, etc.) except photocopies of documents and certificates given by notary's office;
  • seed and planting materials and other vegetable products which are under quarantine;
  • food, ;
  • articles which can be dangerous by its nature and package for post officers, and can soil or spoil the correspondence;
  • fresh fruits and vegetables, living plants, plant herbariums, collection of living insects;
  • biologicals
  • articles prohibited for the import to countries of destination (more detailed information is available in Customer Service Department);
  • alive animals, stuffed animal, meat, horns, other parts and also medicines, etc.


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