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According to AIC (Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Informatization & Communication) for 2007, a leading position in the market within the country took the Direct Delivery company with 35 % of market share.
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Direct Delivery Company proposes attractive multimedia solutions (from assorted lading to freight traffic activity) for cargo transportation (air, auto and rail transportation) in the territory of Kazakhstan and other countries.

Our staff is always seeking for a new transport schemes, entering into cooperations with off-site organizations in the regions and other countries. They are also examining the market and its priorities, keeping track of demand s of deliveries and cargo insurance.

We provide our clients with the birr majority of services as follows:

  • preparation of cargo to dispatch (marking, making substandard package, etc.);
  • storage of cargo;
  • insurance;
  • material-handling works;
  • cargo delivery to the door of receiver or terminal;
  • post restate cargo delivery
  • etc.

Our company is always ready to satisfy all requirements and needs of Clients!


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