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According to AIC (Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Informatization & Communication) for 2007, a leading position in the market within the country took the Direct Delivery company with 35 % of market share.
Couriers / Team /

Courier is “face” and “legs” of the company.

Our couriers are attractive, obliging, punctual and responsible ones. They perform their duties with all diligence, they implement Company management tasks in time and in corpore.

Company management is paying much attention to the development of courier department by improving processes, creating and optimizing routes, providing with education. It checks quality of implemented work and provided services, finds out mistakes and analyzes them, elicits weak and strong sides. The most important attention is paid to image of the department. Formal style is in everything including uniform, operating supplies, in culture of communication and speech of the Courier.

We want to achieve high standards and are making an efforts in order to make our Couriers the best and recognizable ones in the country.


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