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According to AIC (Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Informatization & Communication) for 2007, a leading position in the market within the country took the Direct Delivery company with 35 % of market share.
Services / Outsourcing /

Nowadays outsourcing is one of the widespread and effective ways in reducing large companies’ expenses without losing services, by outputting additional manufacture into separate business unites.

Direct Delivery Company proposes one of the outsourcing sectors as printout, packing into envelopes and sending them to Receiver services in the market of Kazakhstan.

Our technical support and well-qualified personnel will help you to work out all problems and conditions connected with these processes. You will get rid of unnecessary problems.

We are glad to offer our clients wide range of services as follows:

  • purchasing and storage (for long-term period also) of consumables (beginning envelope to letter-head/paper);
  • printout of information (one-sided colored, in black and white one or two-sided putting of information on paper/letter-head);
  • putting personal information (to address a letter to specific person, putting address on envelope, putting Client’s logotype on envelope, etc.)
  • упаковать рекламные буклеты, счета, письма и т.д. на нашем оборудовании (в любом объеме);
  • packing dodgers/advertisement pamphlets, bills, letters etc. By using our equipment (in any volume);
  • deliver sending to the receiver ( door to door, on mail box, direct mail).


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